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...Continued from Nate & Debbie


...I'm not doing that. You don't need to bring your "posse" with you everywhere and expect me to pay for it. So Nathan opted not to go. Later that night, Marshall got a call that Nathan was in the hospital. Three men at a pool hall where he and his friends were hanging out had jumped him. Supposedly his "posse" ran away when the shit went down, leaving Nate to get beat with pool sticks. He ended up with staples in his head, bruised ribs and he walked with a limp for a week. Marshall said his mother is looking into filing a lawsuit against the pool hall, because she feels that not enough was done to help Nathan during or after the attack. Meanwhile, Marshall feels it was his fault because he didn't let Nathan bring all his friends to the movies with him. I told him, if it didn't happen that night, it would've been another night because Nathan had a history of starting trouble. He didn't appreciate my comment. He still thinks people only pick on him because of who his brother is. For some reason Marshall feels the need to protect his little brother even though Nathan has proven time and time again to stab his brother in the back. First he joined his mother on the Sally Jesse Raphael show and chimed negatively in about Marshall and his music. Then, he helped his mother put together a documentary on Marshall and his family. He brought a camera into his sixteenth birthday party that Marshall paid for and put together. The plan was to get film of Marshall doing karaoke as well as shots of him and their mother, but Marshall would not have anything to do with Debbie. Ironically, the camera messed up during Marshall's karaoke performance. Debbie's plan was foiled, but the fact remains that Nathan doesn't seem to appreciate his brother and doesn't seem to care what happens to him. I predict a lot more trouble from Nathan Mathers and the sad part is that it will spill all over Marshall.

Marshall's grandma, Betty Kresin, is in the media a lot lately and I do not know what to make of her. I know that she put a stop to Marshall using his late Uncle Ronnie's vocals on one of his tracks saying that he was desecrating her son's memory. Marshall only wanted to pay tribute to the man who was like a brother to him. Ronnie was only months older than he was and he looked up to him his whole life or a least until Ronnie died in 1992 of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Marshall said he thinks about him all the time and wonders what like would be like if Ronnie's girlfriend had taken him seriously the day he killed himself. I think Marshall is still grieving over it, and putting Ronnie's vocals on a song with his own, would be like the two of them being together again. Her objection to that idea is the only thing I really knew about Marshall's grandma. To tell you the truth, he never really talked about his grandma other than about how she was trying to sell t-shirts in the parking lot of one of his shows in Missouri, which is where she lives. She had taken the wedding picture of Marshall and Kim and put it on shirts and sold them. That is, until Marshall's aunt came and knocked the stand down. To hear his grandma talk, his aunt sprayed mace in her face and assaulted her. It sounds like the same kind of talk that comes from her daughter Debbie Mathers. Maybe that's where the farfetched stories come from.

I am sure
Marshall's Uncle Todd fits right in too. Todd is Debbie's little brother and according to Marshall; Todd has been spreading lies as well. In this new documentary put together by Marshall's mother in an attempt to make more money off of her son, Todd claims to have been a father figure to Marshall while he was growing up. He claims to have taken him places like on fishing trips on many different occasions which Marshall says never happened. All I know is that the first time I met Todd, he was at a club showing off a picture of him and Marshall and bragging about how he was Eminem's uncle. Then he talked about Marshall in an unflattering way while he pulled out an article in the newspaper where he posed with Marshall's picture again. I just assumed he was another relative jumping on the bandwagon. It's one thing to be proud of your nephew. But it's another to say things that aren't true just to get recognition.

Out of all
Marshall's relatives I have met, spoke to or even heard of, His Aunt Betty and Uncle Jack have to be the worst. When I first heard of these people, it was after Kim left Marshall and filed for divorce in 2001. Kim used to say horrible things about them and called them uneducated hillbillies. They moved in from St. Joseph, Missouri to help Marshall who became a single father. he was worried about Hailie not having family around and not living the family lifestyle. His Uncle Jack was a truck driver, with a modest income, and he and Betty had three boys together. Betty is Debbie's sister and has not gotten along with her. She does not agree with how Debbie had been treating Marshall (supposedly). They seemed happy for Jack to quit his job and to make a trip to Michigan and help Marshall.

The original plan was for them to find a house here, but no one knew how long they would be staying so they just moved in with
Marshall at his Clinton Township house. When I first became a friend with Marshall, it was right after they moved in and I made it a point to ignore what Kim had told me about them. I decided to get to know them and judge for myself because I had already felt like an ass for believing all the lies Kim and her family had told me about Marshall.

At first, Betty and Jack were decent to my husband, my children and me. They even seemed polite. I know they did not know what to think of me because I was a former friend of Kim's. I was bound and determined to be nice to these people who just moved across the country, didn't know their way around and probably didn't have any friends. I offered to show them around. We were turned down. My husband and I extended an invitation to take them out to dinner, but we were turned down. I realized that it was going to be a lot of work for here. i mean, three kids and keeping up with
Marshall's schedule and all. I offered to watch her boys so that she and Jack could go out by themselves one night. Again we were snubbed. I didn't understand why, but it seemed obvious that they were only acting like they liked us in front of Marshall. Eventually Marshall and I figured out that they did not like me coming over and helping Marshall.

They felt that was their job except they were not always doing it. Betty would bitch and complain a lot when she was asked to watch Hailie when
Marshall started working long hours on the movie set. That's when he would call me to do what she wouldn't do. I thought it was pretty shitty that Betty and Jack were spending Marshall's money, living in his house, eating his food, driving his vehicles, using his health insurance, and becoming accustomed to his lifestyle, but not doing what they came there to do. But it wasn't my place to say anything. I just kept being the friend I was supposed to be. I even kept on being nice to them, making conversation until one day I goofed. Not thinking anything of it, I was talking to Betty one day and I asked what their plans were. If they were going to stay here in Michigan or if they were going back to Missouri eventually. This was just small talk. I did not mean anything by it. Blown out of proportion, they told Marshall I was trying to run them out of the house and soon after their attitudes were served in huge helpings! Things weren't so bad when my husband came around. Jack welcomed him with open arms. They didn't like me. I was obviously a threat to them and to the very purpose, they were there to perform. I didn't mean to be. I came over when Marshall asked me to. When Hailie whined for one of my daughters, Marshall would call my cell telephone and my presence would be requested.

I never pushed my way into anything. This was all a misunderstanding, I thought. Priding myself on being a great communicator, I felt that I had to get this out in the open and talk to Betty, woman to woman. I talked to her as nice as I could. I asked what I could do to make the situation better. When I finished with my peace offering, she had this angry look on her face and barely said anything before she walked away. What she did say was, "This is
Marshall's house so I can't stop any of his friends from being here. If Marshall wants you here, then there's nothing I can do". Then she walked away. What the hell did I do? I was so frustrated, I couldn't see straight. I tried to put this to rest and it only seemed to make it worse because she went directly to Marshall and said she resented me approaching her that way and she felt threatened by me. I wanted to tell Marshall that it was bullshit, but I was trying not to make any waves. If I make things harder for him at home, he will not want the kids and I around. If that were the case then Hailie and my kids would suffer.

As time went on, I felt a colder chill when I went into the Mather's home, especially if I came over without my husband. Whenever I came over, it was customary for
Marshall to walk up and hug the kids. But whenever he hugged me, if Betty was in the room, I was sure to see her eyes roll. She hated to see Marshall and I being close friends. Like when we'd all go to the movies. Marshall would ask everyone to move down the row so I could sit next to him. We were best friends fro God's sake! Of course he would want the only friend he has there, to sit by him. But if you look at Jack and Betty, they would be shaking their heads and whispering with evil looks on their faces. For a while I thought they had it in their heads that we were an item. I mean, my husband didn't come around a whole lot. He didn't feel comfortable. He felt like Marshall didn't really like him and the two of them never really meshed. Maybe that is why they felt uneasy about me coming over. It wasn't any of their business. Betty had no problem-playing matchmaker between Brittany Murphy and Marshall or Mariah and Marshall. However, they were stars, they had money. Oops my bad! All I had to offer him was friendship and three wonderful kids that called him "Uncle Marshall". Not to mention, my services at the drop of a hat. That was not good enough, I don't make millions of dollars a year. Miss Betty was now moving up in the world and her lifestyle was changing too.
During the time I spent around that family, I saw them go on many trips courtesy of
Marshall's money. Besides traveling with him whenever he would go to New York, or LA, Betty and Jack often took vacations with the kids at Marshall's expense. Marshall would complain to me all the time about how they demand $10,000 to go to Florida with the snobby people they made friends with or about when they went to California when he was in the studio with Dre working on his new CD. They just had to go to Disneyland, the San Diego zoo, Universal Studios and had to spend a few days on the ocean. They were supposed to be out there to visit Marshall, but they were off spending his money and he couldn't even go. What really upset Marshall was that Hailie could not go. Kim refused to let her fly on an airplane, but when Betty and her clan got back, they made sure to show Hailie the pictures of everything she missed.

When DeWayne's girlfriend wanted to take Hailie to see Cinderella on Ice, Betty threw a fit because her boys were not invited.
Marshall was so pissed about it, mainly because it got back to him that "Betty had a bone to pick with him". "Fuck her!" he said. "I paid for everything they have and every place they go and she's gonna make me feel bad about my daughter going somewhere with out her boys?" He was completely furious that Hailie heard about it and was feeling bad. She even said "Daddy, I won't go if the boys can't go. I don't want Aunt Betty to be mad at me." "No one makes my daughter feel bad!" he yelled. "I'm telling you Dawg, if she ever makes my daughter feel that way again, she's out of there!" I knew he was just talking out of anger. I just sat there in the studio listening to him vent. Then I gathered Hailie's things and took her to my house like he called me to. He had Dre in the studio and needed to work but Betty was complaining when Marshall asked her to come and get Hailie so he said forget it. He called the person he could most count on. The one he calls "SuperMom", and that was me.

It did not take long for these people to get used to living in the lap of luxury. Soon
Marshall was complaining about Betty's shopping, and all the money she was spending on a daily basis. He would tell me she'd spend at least five hundred dollars a day on shit no one even needed! One day he was even complaining to me about how she was demanding caller ID on every line and every telephone in the house. "If they were still living in Missouri, they wouldn't be demanding all this shit!" he said. It started with little things like that. Then they didn't even want to drive the truck he bought for them when they moved to Michigan. They wanted to drive the suburban or even Marshall's Mercedes Benz. You see Betty and Jack had made new friends in Marshall's upscale neighborhood they felt they had to fit in. I did not matter it was not their money, it was Marshall's and he worked hard for it. What did they do for that money? They were brought in to surround Hailie with family and support Marshall in a time of need. That they did in the beginning. That was wonderful, but part of Betty's job, according to Marshall, was to help take care of Hailie, that is where Betty started slacking. It didn't take long before Marshall was getting pissed about Betty's attitudes when he asked her to do simple things like give Hailie a bath or take care of her while she was sick. He was in the middle of making a movie, putting together a soundtrack for the movie and writing and producing "The Eminem Show". He was a single dad and he needed help! This is why I felt bad for him. This is why I pushed off my own life and my own family when he needed me too, because his family wasn't doing what they were supposed to be doing. But, it wasn't my responsibility. In hindsight, it was up to him to make those people hold up to their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, Marshall cannot confront people or stand up for himself and that is partially why I'm not longer in his life.

As time went on, I got used to the treatment I received from Betty and Jack Schmitt. They problem is it wasn't just me they treated this way. Sometimes my oldest daughter would get dirty looks or talked to with an attitude. It was then that I went straight to
Marshall. I told him, "I don't care what they do to me, but I can't have them treating my kids like shit too!" He promised several times that he would talk to them, but nothing ever happened. Sometimes it would make things worse and they would always deny it when Marshall asked them about it. But the next time I'd go over there, I'd get ignored or made to feel like I didn't belong. Little did I know at th time, Marshall's ears were being filled with lies. They would tell him I said things that I didn't say and they were trying to make it look like I was trying to come in and take over. That was the farthest thing from the truth. I actually started to make excuses not to come to the house while they were there. I didn't want to cause problems and I didn't want to be treated this way anymore. I stopped complaining to Marshall for the most part because I knew he didn't need the extra stress. I would watch him sometimes while he was working in the studio and just see the weight on his shoulders. I saw how he would stress out when Betty would complain about taking time out of her day to do something as simple as pick up Hailie from the studio and watch her until bedtime. It never failed. If Betty didn't do what he needed her to, he would ask me and of course, I did it. I felt bad for him and I also felt bad for Hailie. The poor kid was getting dragged all over and the "family" that was supposed to be surrounding her, was off doing their own thing.

As time went by, the Schmitt's got more and more used to the millionaire lifestyle. Christmas was a joke. We went to
Marshall's house on Christmas eve to exchange presents with Marshall and the whole family was there. My family and I got the usual cold treatment from Betty and Jack, but Marshall was the one who invited us, so I tried not to let it get to me. What did get to me was the amount of presents that were in that room. You can't even say under the tree, because they would not fit under Marshall's eight-foot Christmas tree! Nathan and Betty's oldest son Josh were given like four or five pairs of Nike shoes and whole new wardrobes, just for starters! All her kids were swimming in gifts. I was so disgusting how the whole meaning of Christmas was totally trashed. You could see it on Marshall's face.

This was not how he planned Christmas. Later
Marshall told me it cost his bank account over 25,000 for Christmas alone. That's sad. He told me that his manager Paul, DeWayne, and his accountants all know that Betty and her family is spending his money like there is no tomorrow. He said he already told Betty and Jack that they needed to slow down but he would have to have another talk with them. He said it was making him sick. His family came from a very modest lifestyle, and now they are living high on the hog. "Those kids", he said "have everything they ever wanted. For Josh's birthday I bought him what he asked for and spent $3000. I never got $3000 for all my birthdays and Christmases combined when I was growing up."

One day, Betty shows me the turntable Josh just bought. She said he had saved up the money for it. How? That thing cost at least two grand! How does a thirteen year old save up that much money in a couple of months when he doesn't even do any chores?" Good question. He knows how he got it. The same way they all get whatever they want.
Marshall's credit card. He complains that Betty takes the kids to Dave and Busters, or Chuck E. Cheese, or Jeepers just about every day. If she needs pocket money, she just goes into Marshall's dresser and takes what she wants. Jack and Betty decided they didn't like the truck Marshall bought them, so they traded it in along with Marshall's purple Mustang to get a brand new Excursion and they told Marshall it still was gonna cost 5,000 more. No problem, just call the accountant. He complains about it, but then he hands it to them anyway.

When Betty celebrated her birthday, it lasted a week. They celebrated it at the house. They took her to dinner.
Marshall threw a party with cake and gobs of gifts in the trailer on the movie set, the next weekend they flew in Betty's friends from Missouri and got a limo to take all the girls out bar hopping. I just sat there watching wondering why Marshall does all this for someone he complains about. Someone who does not do what she's supposed to for him, and spends way too much of his money. Meanwhile, I'm his best friend and confidant, I do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, my daughter helps take care of Hailie and these people are allowed to treat us like shit.

The last few months of our friendship, the treatment got worse. Maybe it was because they knew my husband and I were going through divorce proceedings and maybe it had something to do with me being around more often. Again, this was because
Marshall asked me to be around. Jack would say stupid things to me and talk to me like shit, but at first it was when no one was around. He made it known that I was not wanted there. If I called the house for Marshall, he'd be rude and hang up making sure Marshall never got the message. For the most part, I wouldn't tell Marshall. He would not do anything anyway; it would just stress him out.

You had better believe they kept telling him lies about me. Betty would complain to him about every little thing. Like one time Marshall and I went to Dairy Queen to get ice cream for the kids, especially they BIG kid.
Marshall is crazy about peanut butter cup blizzards. When we came back to the house, one of her kids had come back from his friend's house unexpectedly and there was no ice cream for him. I offered to give him mine, but she threw a fit. Of course it was my fault her kid didn't get an ice cream. Why, because I was driving the car? Marshall was the one who ordered and paid for it all. It was just an excuse to hate me more. Ok, hate me over some ice cream. I don't care.

You know if caused a major problem. Betty made it a point to have a discussion with Marshall and Jack after I left. First of all, she didn't like that I was there "all the time". Also, it was an opportunity for Jack to throw in some bullshit.
Marshall told me Jack started in saying that whenever I'm alone with him, I tell him to pack his shit and move back to Missouri. Marshall told him, "This is gone on long enough. Do you know that every time you tell that story, it gets bigger? I'm sorry I don't believe you. She's my friend. I like her. She's good for Hailie and I like her kids. I do not have many friends over to the house, so the ones I do have a little respect for them. I love you but this is my house!" I was so proud of him when he told me that. I actually felt appreciated for a change and I almost thought things were gonna change. But soon after that, Betty started threatening to move back to Missouri.

One night Jack made me feel so uncomfortable, I talked to
Marshall. I told him "I'm sorry. You know I love you and Hailie, but I can't take it anymore. Jack is not just starting in on me when no one else around anymore. He is doing it in front of my daughter and I can't take it. I don't understand what the problem is and I don't know how to fix it." He said it would be no use for him to confront Jack. He said Jack would just deny it and unless Marshall witnessed it, there was nothing he could do. It didn't matter that my fourteen-year old daughter witnessed it. "He'd just say she's just sticking up for you." He said he thinks he knows what their problem is. He things Jack is fighting his wife's battles and Betty's problem is she feels threatened by me.

He also thought Jack treats me badly so that Betty does not think Jack likes me. I was totally skeptical about that one. He said Betty stopped having one friend of hers over because she was young, blonde and pretty and Betty thought Jack was interested in her. He was like "Look at you. You're hot and she's probably threatened by you." Yea, ok. I really felt it was because out of all Marshall's friends or girlfriends, I was the one he counted on most. I was the only one who could take her job from her and she might actually have to stop living in the lap of luxury. I would never do that though. I reassured him I had no intentions of coming in and taking anyone's place. He said he knew that.

He also told me that his aunt and uncle can be weird and he just did not understand them sometimes. He told me about one of the nights when Jack was drunk and started fighting with Betty. She came to
Marshall complaining and wanted Marshall to throw Jack out of the house. She and the kids would stay with him if he would just make Jack leave and move back to Missouri. Later that night, Jack came to Marshall and asked the same thing. He wanted Betty thrown out of the house. These were the people whose marriage Marshall envied because he thought they never fought. I guess they really aren't better than the rest of us. Not only did they fight big time that night, but also Marshall said Jack accused Betty messing around with Marshall. That pissed Marshall off. "That's sick! That guy has a problem" he told me. However, he also acknowledged his aunt's weird ways and how she is trying to sabotage our friendship. "Dawg, please just put up with it for as long as I have to. It won't be long. As soon as I come back from tour, I won't need them anymore. I'll only have the movie premier and that's it. I'll be home and I can take care of Hailie myself." I told him I could help him with Hailie if he needed me to but I agreed to hold out and eat shit a little longer.

It seemed like things going even worse. Attitudes were flying around the house more often; I tried to stay away. I invented excuses for not coming to the house. There were times when the Schmitt family would go on vacations and the coast was clear. I could see it in
Marshall. He seemed so relieved when they were gone. It was as if he had his home back. It's a bitch when you spend that much money on a house and it doesn't even seem like its yours. Maybe that's why Marshall gave in so often when it came to them going on vacation. Marshall said he did have to put a limit on the amount they could spend when they went out of town. Instead of $10,000 for a week vacation in Florida, he told them to find cheaper flights, stay in hotels that were less than the four-star hotels they had been staying in, and only spend 5,000. He said it's a shame I have to keep telling them to slow down on spending. "If you have to be told even once, that's too many times", he said. But I have a feeling Marshall isn't as forceful as he says he is to them. That's why when things started getting worse and he started getting attitudes from them, he went to stay in the Townsend Hotel.

He called me up and asked me to bring the kids and stay over night. He and Hailie decided to get away from Betty and her clan. I could read between the lines. He wanted to hang out with the kids and me but did not want to deal with the repercussions. It was sad. I told him "Some things gotta give. If it's easier to dissolve our friendship, let me know. I do not want to see you go through this anymore and, I can't go through this anymore. I'm going through a divorce and I'm a basket case already." He said he didn't want to end our friendship. Again, he promised me he wouldn't ever stop talking to me. He knew that the kids were attached and he didn't want Hailie to lose us. He promised he would put an end to all this.

He called me the next day and told me the good new. He said he sat down with Betty and Jack. They talked about everything and they said they understood how he felt. I could tell he was happy and a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Betty and Jack were going to find another house close by and until then, they were going to be supportive of his friendship with me. Betty even agreed she owed me an apology. Could it be true? Could the past year of shitty relations be coming to an end? That Friday after work, I picked up the kids and went out to
Marshall's. From the time I walked in, I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Betty and Jack greeted me with smiles and talked to me like I was their dearest friend. Jack asked me how I was doing. I looked at Marshall with a bewildered look. Jack has NEVER asked me how I was. Betty hugged me and was a total chatterbox.

Marshall was working out in the garage, the kids were off playing and I was watching a movie in the theater. Betty cam in and started bugging me to go to a party with her. I told her "no" two or three times. I figured it was a party with a bunch of rich ladies and I wouldn't fit in. Betty told me it was a manicure, pedicure and massage party. She was said "Grab a beer out of the fridge and lets go. It'll be fun." I went outside and talked to Marshall. He said "If you really to go, I'll watch the kids. No big deal." I told him that I really didn't want to go, but I thought I should since his anut was making the effort. He agreed. He said he would call me in an hour, if I weren't having a good time, I could tell Betty that Marshall needs me and that would be my way out. Jack dropped us off at a lady's house in the next subdivision and Betty started mixing me drinks. It seemed like she was trying to get me drunk. It did not take long. I was drunk, sitting in the hot tub, and introduced as Betty's "friend". She apologized for how she treated me. She gave me the same excuse she gave Marshall. She felt she was in the middle between Kim and myself. She felt she needed to keep the peace with Kim for Hailie's sake and she's sorry if she came across in a bad way. What? How could you feel any loyalty to someone that hurt your nephew repeatedly and tred to destroy him? She and Jack have said over and over again how they hate Kim. So that is a total bullshit excuse. These were all the things I wanted to say to her, but I didn't. I was too drunk. All I could say is she never gave me a chance. I wasn't trying to step on any toes. I just care about Marshall and Hailie and was trying to help out where I was needed. Although I thought Betty was being as fake as humanly possible, we hugged and decided to put it all behind us.

That night I realized although Betty acts as if she is better than I am, she's still lower class. She acted like a scared schoolgirl trying to fit in with all the rich snobs. She was clinging to me so she did not feel so out of place, but once she was drunk enough, he hillbilly ways started showing, She was about to start a fistfight with some woman when Marshall and Jack pulled up and put us in truck. I was so embarrassed of the shape I was in. The problem for me was that the kids and I planned to stay over that night. I did not plan on
Marshall being the one to tuck them in. I was drunk. That was the only time Marshall saw me like that, I think it surprised him a little. I'm thinking it surprised him a lot. That was the last time I saw him. I don't know and probably never will know why, but I’m sure betty and Jack has something to do with it.

Why doesn't
Marshall see something funny about those two hating my guts for over a year, then all of a sudden they love me to death and want to take me out and get me drunk? Anyway, I'm now officially out of the way. So go ahead; sponge more off your nephew. Teach your kids to use people and raise them to be little gold digging leaches. You got your way; you took away Marshall's real family. Go ahead and laugh all the way to the bank. How do you find away to sleep at night? If I was like you, I don't think I could.




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