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Chapter 8: Enemies

Right now
Marshall is in the midst of getting another project underway. He just signed a new artist to his record label, Shady Records. The rapper goes by the name of " 50 cent". Marshall and Dre are really excited by him. I did not think his music was all that, but Marshall likes him because he says he sounds like Mace. He thinks this man is charmed. He told me he had just gotten out of the hospital from being stabbed and then shot nine times, once in the face! The guy lived and that's what impressed Marshall. I asked him if he would agree to change his name because it sounded cheesy. He was like " Fuck no! His name is dope!" Personally I don't think so, but I am far from being the expert on this kind of thing. I told him that I was excited for him and that I hope 50 cent turns out to be successful as Marshall hopes. The only thing I really worry about is if Marshall gets in over his head. There is a lot of baggage that comes with this person.

There are rumors that Ja Rule is the one behind his shooting. Personally, I don't see Ja Rule doing something like that, but I don't know the man personally so I can't say. There is more bullshit surrounding 50 cent and the contract he was under with a couple of guys.
Marshall said they were pissed off when he swooped down and picked him up the day he was supposed to renew his contract with them. One these men used to work for Dre, they had a falling out, so they are bitter about the whole situation. Marshall said they are trying to mess with him big time. They talk to him like shit and threaten him all the time on the telephone. But when they talk to Dre they have a different attitude. I told Marshall I was worried about them retaliating. He said they wouldn't be that stupid. They don't want to mess with Dre.

Nevertheless, not everyone is afraid of Dre. In the music business I've learned that egos can get pretty big. When one artist steps on another's ego, shit can really hit the fan. For example,
Marshall explained about the beef between him and Jermaine Duprie. Supposedly, J.D. had made a comment about being a better producer then Dre. Of course, Dre took great offense to it. He has been doing this for years, and in Dre's eyes, J.D. only deals with minor artists. So of course Marshall has to jump in and defend his mentor. Next thing you know Marshall is writing songs about him and he's now officially on his " shit list". It's just a bunch of immature bullshit. Rap stars with egos.

In my opinion, from seeing
Marshall's life, Rap Stars are people who struggle to make it big. When they do, they think they're the cat's ass. They have their own little empires and they are given all this power. Nobody had better mess with them, breath a bad word about them or even looks at them cross-eyed. But the latest development in this particular beef, according to Marshall, is that Snoop Dog has come to J.D.'s defense. I could not understand this since Snoop and Dre go way back. Why would he stab him in the back like this? Marshall said he wondered the same thing, but supposedly Snoop was doing a radio interview and started dogging Dre and Marshall both. I started freaking out and worrying that something was gonna come back and bite Marshall in the ass. He said, " I don't give a fuck about Snoop! I ain't worried about him!" He went on to tell me about the first time they met, how he didn't like him even back then. I said, " Please just be careful." He told me not to worry about it and laughed at me for being " such a girl."

That is not what worries me. I start freaking out when
Marshall tells me other things. He said this east coast-west coast thing is still big. So big that Xhibit, who is friends with Marshall, was at a club when Suge Knight rolled up with four people with guns. Suge approached Xhibit, pulled out a gun and started asking him questions. He asked if he was Snoop's boy. Xhibit told him no. That they were just working on some tracks together. Suge then told him he's lucky and that he'd give him a pass because he had the right answer. Suge and his crew got back in the car and left. Marshall said he told them whatever he had to because he didn't stand up for Snoop. Marshall was like, " how the fuck you gonna stand up for someone else against five guys with guns? Don't think for a minute Snoop would ever do that for someone." Marshall said that in the same situation he would've done the same thing. He's got Hailie to think about. It just scared me to think he might ever be in that situation.

The rest of
Marshall's enemies only attack him in the media or lyrically. Everyone knows the beef between him and Everlast. Those two wrote songs back and forth about each other for a while. I think Marshall has moved on to other people. The same is with the artist named Cannabis. There was a misunderstanding, Cannabis thought he was blowing him off when he asked about doing a track together, that's all it took. Rumors started flying around that someone said this and someone said that. Next thing you know, they are writing songs about each other. Marshall's new name for him is "Canna Bitch". He refers to his pet name for Cannabis in a few new songs on the Eminem Show. He has created a whole song for him that has yet to be released. It is in Marshall's private collection; I had the "pleasure" of him playing it for me on the way back from the movies one night. Man, he shows no mercy on this guy! I guess when he is pissed; the kid gloves come off!

I thought maybe, if people saw that
Marshall has softer side. He would not have so many enemies. I don't know why he can't share that with everyone. Instead he has to be this tough guy with a big mouth. I guess people bring it out in him, it seems like there is always some person who has an opinion about Marshall, and once they voice that opinion, it's on! These are the things he lives for. He can't wait to get his aggressions out, and when he sits down to write his lyrics in retaliation. He comes at them full force. It's his way of not taking anyone's crap. He might be a little guy, but he'll fuck you up the best way he can. What he does not understand is that everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it.

He does not like boy bands, so he makes it a point to verbally bash N'SYNC and the Backstreet Boys. They never did anything to him, they never wrote a song about him. The same is true when it comes to Moby. Moby had made comments about
Marshall's music once and now Marshall has to declare Moby is a " 36 years old bald-headed fag". He even sat on stage at the Video music Awards, calling Moby a little girl. I wonder if he even knew how out of control he looked that night. When Christina Aguilera presented him with an award, I thought there would be an argument right there on stage. He looked like he did not want to get too close to her and she looked like she would rather drop the thing on the floor then give it to him. That's what happens when you have these little wars within your lyrics. You end up seeing them face to face and you don't know how to handle it. It is especially hard when Marshall seems to make enemies by the minute.

He told MTV once that the Video Music Awards were the one night a year when you can fit everyone he does not like into one room. It is as if he strives to have enemies. Even Nelly has his spot on
Marshall's shit list. According to Marshall, about a year ago, Nelly had made a comment during an interview, that he eats M&M's for breakfast. Marshall took it as a personal hit, and it was on! Eventually, they talked it out on the phone. Nelly explained he had heard rumors of Marshall dogging him so he had struck back. Marshall denied ever saying anything about him. He said he never had a problem with him, and told Nelly that Hailie Jade listens to his music. After that, Nelly instead " it was all gravy" and dropped it, but Marshall still says he doesn’t like him. It even bugs him that my oldest daughter is such a big fan of Nelly. I told him he needs to let it go and maybe these anger management classes will help him. I mean, sometimes I think Marshall's world is not complete unless he's fighting with everyone. We used to tease him that he wouldn't be able to write if there was no drama in his life. But then again, that never seemed to be a problem.

Being opinionated seems to be another thing Marshall and I have in common. He has even expressed in great detail, his opinion about fellow
Detroit artist, Kid Rock. I always thought those two were tight, but I get the feeling that Marshall doesn’t show his true feelings when it comes to the Kid or "Bob" as we all know him. Marshall has invited Bob over to the house many times and he has even visited his house when Bob and Pam Anderson have thrown Barbeques or parties. They attend each other's concerts and have been in each other's studios sharing their new music. But when Bob's not around, Marshall dogs him like crazy he makes fun of my daughter and I because we have all of his CDs. He tells me all the time how conceited Kid Rock is in his songs and how he constantly raps about how "good" he is.

When Kid Rock's "Cocky" first came out, Marshall and I were going to Blockbusters to get a DVD and
Marshall noticed it was in my CD player. He wanted me to flip through every song while he critiqued it. I swear he had a problem with every song! Then he listed to the song "Forever". He said, "I'm back? What kind of shit is that? Dawg, he is so full of himself!" I was like " Hello! There's a reason he named the CD "Cocky"!" He just seemed to despise all of his music.

Marshall got pissed off at him when they were backstage at Aerosmith's concert. Marshall said he was talking to Steve Tyler about using the music from their "Dream On" song for a track on his new CD. Marshall wanted to use the original version but Steven Tyler offered to redo the vocals for the track and give him the 2002 version. Marshall tried to turn him down. Marshall said he was thinking it would sound like shit because Steven's voice does not sound the same anymore, but he did not want to say that. So here's Kid Rock who Marshall said was pretty trashed, and he started saying stuff like " hey, this is fucking Areosmith here! You don't turn down Aerosmith, what's wrong with you?" Put on the spot, Marshall accepted Steven Tyler's offer. He said he wanted to kill Bob!

Turns out,
Marshall said the new version did sound like shit and he decided to go with the old version anyway which offended Steven Tyler. Marshall said he was on the phone with him for over and hour trying to smooth things over. He had to use some reason other then the truth, that Steven Tyler's voice is not what it used to be. Everything seemed to work out but he still thinks Kid Rock was an asshole! He must not have disliked Kid's music too much because he copied some of it. In Marshall's song : Without Me" he says repeatedly, " guess who's back". Pretty much the same line that bothered him so much in Kid Rock's "Forever" track. Maybe it just sounds better coming from Marshall!

Marshall's creation, D12 proves that feuds can be long lasting. The group got kicked out of the Warp tour in 2001 because a fight broke out between them and fellow Detroit rapper, Esham. The fued supposedly goes back to the 1997 D12/Lil' Kim concert, when according to Marshall, Proof started in on Esham and called him to the stage. Esham's publicist claims that D12's entourage jumped him. I'm not sure but I don't think Esham knew what he was getting into when he wrote the lyrics to " All night, Every Day". In it he wrote " The styles that you runnin' 'round with is ours. You and them shady suckers is nothin' but cowards. Bang your brains in the dirt, make you go berserk. If you rap with Emily ( Eminem ), your ass gonna get marked."

Right there is definitely enough reason to get your ass kicked and that's just what happened. At the time when D12 was kicked off the Warp Tour,
Marshall didn't need anymore bad publicity. He'd had enough trouble with the law and his bad boy image was starting to cloud the view of his talent. but what do you do? In the minds of these guys, these paper gangsters, you can't let anyone talk bad about you or make you look like a chump. Like Marshall says in an MTV interview, " I can't let nobody get over on me or I lose." In other words, he's been picked on all his life. He's not gonna be bullied anymore. I just hope he doesn’t get in over his head. He'd not always gonna be able to fight with a pen, and there won't always be someone around to fight for him. He's got a little girl to think about




…Thanks to the Anti Kim Mathers Board

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