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Chapter 10: Update On Marshall And Kim

I had not heard from
Marshall in a while, and after I started writing this book, I realized the obvious. Marshall did not have the guts to call, to tell my family and I that his woman forbids him to have anything to do with us. Yes, I said his woman. Kim has been spotted in public being " very affectionate ". When Marshall's concert, The Anger Management Tour, came to Detroit at the Palace, she was seen with him on the main floor before Marshall's performance. This particular information was broadcast on a Detroit morning station, 101.1 WRIF; callers made comments about how ridiculous this couple is. Now the world knows what I have known for years. These two are screwed up.

Being verbally abused early in life, these two think they actually need and deserve the constant drama each other brings to their relationship. They both believe at some point they deserve better, however they are eventually drawn back to each other. I have a hard time believing that someone who wrote lyrics like "bleed, bitch bleed" from the song "Kim", actually hates he that much. Especially when
Marshall can go back to pretending non of the hurt ever existed. He has videotape of Kim performing oral sex on numerous people at the same time while they were still married! He knows that she proclaims not to use condoms during her escapades! How can he kiss her, or sleep with her or wake up next to her every morning? I ask this because maybe the way he acts, or sings about her is just a front to get more publicity. I've had a lot of people ask me if that was the case. I don't know what the case is. All I know is they both have issues and the last thing they need is each other's drama.

What about Hailie Jade? Some people think the child is the happiest when both parents are together. My opinion is, not when their parents are known for their violent fights. Witnessing that can only damage a child for life. Hailie already has her mother's attitude and is starting to talk to
Marshall as Kim does. I told him one day; " You have to put a stop to it before she makes it a part of her personality. You have to teach her to have respect for you. Kim isn't gonna do it!" I already predict they will break up again but this time it will be worse that all the other times. I think Marshall will be hurt worse then ever before, but Hailie will be hurt the most. It tears me up to think of it. That child does not have a chance to live a normal childhood, and her parents are not using their heads.

With Kim back in his life,
Marshall just invited in a lot of bad Karma, he thought he had gotten rid of. It has already started. September 8, 2002 Marshall's tour bus caught on fire before his hometown concert that night, it burned to the ground. I think this is the beginning. It may sound silly, but you do not know all of the things that have happened to Marshall behind the scenes in the past. Add in all the troubles he has endured publicly and you would see that although he is successful, there is always trouble in his life.

I have always believed that things balance out. Meaning, if you have fame and success overflowing your world, you have just as much crap seeping in. I fear that is the case for him. Although I have been irritated with Kim, she is still a human being and I fear for what may happen to her as well.
Marshall's ex bodyguard, Byron Williams said in his book, Shady Bizzness, "I believe he's ( Marshall ) going to kill Kim for REAL. Alternatively, she is going to kill him during one of their nasty spells...I worry about Kim and Slim and hope their marriage does not end in tragedy. Hailie needs them both to be mature parents." This was coming from a man who had been working with Marshall since the early days back in 1999 and had seen it all between Kim and Marshall. Although they are not married anymore, I believe there is a strong possibility they will be again and that will make even more drama when it ends again. Please Lord, watch over Hailei Jade.




….Thanks to the Anti Kim Mathers Board

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