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In the fall of 2001, Marshall stared working on his movie 8-Mile. He told me that Brittany Murphy is co-starring and playing the role of his girlfriend. My daughter was able to meet her before I did. She came home bragging about how she spent the weekend at "Uncle Marshall's house and hung out with Brittany. I was not sure whom she was talking about at first. She reminded me that Brittany played in Clueless and in the new movie "Don't Say a Word". She said "Mom, she was so cool and so silly!" She said the two of them and Hailie had been goofing around acting like they were singing into hairbrushes and stuff. She said later they had all gone to the movies and that it was so evident that Aunt Betty was trying to get Marshall and Brittany together. Making sure they sat together and making Marshall hug her goodbye, guess who's paying matchmaker again? Marshall said they were just friends and that Brittany was really "cool to hang out with".

They next weekend I stopped by
Marshall's house and she was there. I introduced myself and Brittany jumped up and down, hugged me and kissed her hand and touched my forehead! I didn't know what to think of this chick. Was she for real? She said Marshall talks about me all the time and then she told me that I have an amazing daughter. I told her that she was very fond of her too. I actually liked her. Her personality was so bubbly; you could not help but smile! She was very sweet and she was always very gracious to all of my kids. I do not ever remember her being mean or giving anyone an attitude the whole time.

Marshall finally admitted that he and Brittany were an item. I had been asking Marshall because rumors were going around about the two of them and they were spotted at Elton John's concert here in Detroit. I asked him "what about not wanting a girlfriend right now?" like he had repeatedly told me. He said, "Well its no big deal. We're not serious or anything. Basically they kept it quiet. In Marshall's trailer she put love notes on his mirror with little lipstick kisses. I only saw them kiss once, when they thought no one was looking. Brittany was always good to Hailie. She even took care of her sometimes, taking her back home when Brittany didn't have any scenes that night....


Thanks to Cailtin who scanned this for Me.

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