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When Kim eventually left Marshall for Danny and filed for divorce, Marshall began seeing a girl named Lynette. He met her a 54 Sound studio where she worked while he produced his CDs. She was little 21-year-old brown haired woman who looked a lot younger than that! That fling didn’t last long because she spent a lot of time at his house and started getting attached to Hailie. Marshall decided that being a good dad meant not advertising his love life in front of Hailie. He wanted to be different from Kim. He also remembered back to his childhood when his mom had different husbands and boyfriends, he did not want to do that to his little girl. Marshall had a longing to be with someone but he saw how the divorce affected Hailie, he would not to let anyone in. He told me that he would tell girls, “Don’t get too attached.”

Marshall was a single man again. He made sure that every party he threw or attended was decorated with strippers. That’s just Marshall’s way. The first party I went to with him had strippers everywhere. It was Marshall’s friend, Royce D 5’9”’s birthday and they celebrated it with a min concert at St. Andrew’s Hall. It was pretty cool. It was my first experience on stage watching Marshall and Royce do their thing. Later we went back to Subi’s house. Subi is the guy who owns Subi’s Place, a strip club, and he has some nice looking girls working there for him. It was always funny to see these girls swarming around Marshall like he was fresh meat or something. Marshall and I got into a heavy conversation that night about Kim and how he was handling the divorce. Since the party was loud, we went into one of the bathrooms and talked for a long time. At one point someone knocked on the door and gave us food.

That was our first heart to heart. We cried and we hugged, at that point we knew that we could trust each other with shit you cant tell to just anyone. That was really important to him. After we came out of the bathroom two hours later, his bodyguard DeWayne said, “Damn it girl! You and your heart to heart talks!” He was pissed that he arranged for all these girls to be there and
Marshall was off with me. Sorry! That was not my plan. But it was funny though, how these girls had no interest in talking to me, but after I came out with Marshall they were really trying to get to know me. Silly chicks. I thought Marshall liked strippers at first, until he made a comment one time. He said, “Do they really think we take them seriously? I mean, they’re strippers!” I just think Marshall likes the attention. Not necessarily the action.

Everyone knows about
Marshall’s women troubles. HE couldn’t find a decent relationship if his life depended on it. He can’t even have a “fuck buddy” (pardon Marshall’s expression) without it having to turn into a disaster. Marshall started seeing that girl Lynette again from the studio. Don’t ask me what he saw in her, except the obvious. a piece of ass. She would hang out at the house and the studio and play with Hailie. I mean she would play house and run around like a little kid, like she was one of Hailie’s friends or something. She reminded me of a little kid. Anyway, Marshall ended up giving her the boot because she was being to attached to Hailie and he was going through a divorce. He definitely didn’t want to get serious with anyone, so he ended it.

Well about a year later, around March of 2002, I saw her at the studio when
Marshall was making The Eminem Show. I didn’t really see him talk to her much so I didn’t know what was up between them. But then one day, I came by the studio and she wasn’t there. He said, “Do you want to go for a ride?” I said, “OK” and we took off in my truck. It was nothing unusual for Marshall and I to either sit in the parking lot or to drive around for a while so he could let me hear his new stuff or get shit off his chest. Well, when got back to the studio, her car was there and he said, “Oh great.” When we walked in she gave me the dirtiest look. She did not like it when we would go into another room to talk for like 20 or 30 minutes. I figured she would get used to it. I was “Auntie” to Hailie and Marshall’s best friend.

It became the “norm” for me to be around a lot. I was getting the feeling that something was going on between the two of them again. Females do not act jealous if there is nothing going on. One night
Marshall told me to meet him at his house at 8PM for my daughter was going to stay the night and help Marshall with Hailie. I got there at 9 but he wasn’t there. Finally around 10PM he pulled up driving his Benz with Lynette in the passenger side. They came in through the back and she walked right into his bedroom. He came up to me and hugged me. He said come outside and talk. Now it is March, and in Michigan it is cold! I didn’t understand. I said, “Ok, you’re seeing her again right?” He said, “Yeah, kinda”, like some little boy to his momma. Like I was gonna be pissed or something. I said, “Marshall Bruce since when do I care who you are banging?” The only thing I cared about was I had asked him a half a dozen times if they were dating and he said “No, she’s just a cool girl.” He said the same thing about other girls when he first started dating them. I didn’t understand why all of a sudden, he didn’t fell he could tell me these things. I really think that he was worried I might think less of him for having a “fuck buddy”….


Other celebrity flings talked about were just rumors. They make Marshall laugh and shake his head. The whole Kim Basined thing while they were filming 8 Mile was hilarious, He once told me, “ She is a very nice lady and vert talented, but you haven’t seen her in person without makeup on.” I know Marshall, he wouldn’t say that about someone he is sleeping with. When my daughter asked Marshall if he had be dating Beyonce Knowles, he chuckled and said “I wish”. My favorite was the one about Carmen Electra. He told me about her when he was doing Spring Break on MTV. He said Carmen was there with a girlfriend and Marshall walked up to her with one of his friends. He asked them if they wanted to go get a drink and she rolled her eyes and said, “No, I don’t think so” and walked away. Believe me, Marshall doesn’t like her anymore! He has a hard time taking rejection. Im surprised she didn’t end up in one of his songs.

Marshall does not chase every female star linked to him. Sometimes he is the one chased! There have bee rumors about Pink liking him and wanting to make music with him but I never thought there was anything serious advances being made. He told me one time, “Pink wants me.” I’m like, “Yeah sure.” Then he broke out her latest CD. He said she sent it to him and asked for his opinion. I didn’t believe him until he opened the case and it said, “Tell me what you think. Love Pink.” I was like “Aww! How cute!” Knew my husband was crazy about Pink, mostly because of her six pack abs and the few freckles she has on her face, so I though she was a sex symbol for all men. Not Marshall. He ended up giving the CD to Hailie for Christmas.



…Thanks to the Anti Kim Mathers Board as well

Thanks to Caitlin for scanning this for Me.

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